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Life is challenging and the path forward often seems scary and uncertain. Seeking help is a courageous but difficult, and necessary first step toward healing. At Drummond Psychological Services, we welcome the opportunity to serve clients and their families as they face life’s most difficult challenges. Successful partnerships start with a shared understanding of goals. We work collaboratively with each client or family to understand their history, needs, strengths, culture, and risks to establish a path toward the future. At Drummond Psychological Services, we provide a safe and inclusive space for learning, healing, and growth. Our goal is to support, challenge, and teach you the skills necessary to become your best self and achieve your life goals.

About The Founder

Dr. Rudolph Drummond Ph.D., C.Psych is a registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario and a member of the Ontario Psychological Association and Canadian Psychological Association. His areas of practice include counselling psychology, clinical psychology, and forensic psychology with adolescents, adults, and families. Dr. Drummond’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (1999), a Masters Degree in Community Counselling (2002), and a Doctoral Degree in Counselling Psychology from Northern Arizona University (2012).

Dr. Drummond has more than 20 years of progressive clinical experience in various inpatient/residential, community, adult and youth forensic secure custody and mental health settings. He conducts evidence-based psychological assessments to help with diagnostic clarification, treatment planning, and risk management. He also provides evidence-based treatment services to adults and adolescents presenting with a range of mental health, emotional, behavioural, and adjustment problems, including, but not limited to anxiety, depression, suicidality, addiction, anger, conflict with the law, sexual offending, addictions, domestic violence, general psychological distress, and relational problems.

dr. rudolph drummond

Dr. Drummond conducts risk assessments for adults and adolescents in areas of sexual offending, violent offending, and general criminality. Risk assessments are also conducted to inform decision-making related to probation and parole, Children’s Aid Society, court disposition, and school safety planning. Dr. Drummond has a history of facilitating offence-specific therapy groups in custody and community settings for addressing issues related to anger management/emotional regulation, substance abuse, sexual offending, domestic violence, instrumental violence, and social skills. He also provides consultation to multidisciplinary professionals, develops programs and trainings, and supervises front-line psychology staff, mental health professionals, and graduate students.

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